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A Home Inspection.

The inspector’s primary goal is to inform you of existing, major visible defects that may affect the safety or value of the property. The secondary goal is to help you understand the operation and maintenance of the structure and its systems. The inspector will complete a comprehensive inspection of the property based on the Arkansas Standards of Practice. The follow 8 areas are included in the inspection foundation, structure, plumbing, roof, electrical, heating, air-conditioning, site conditions, and built-in appliances.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Josh was incredibly thorough, smart, and friendly. He did an outstanding job on out home inspection and gave a very detailed verbal report of his findings in a way that was very easy to understand. Highly recommend his service, as his pricing is also very competitive. Thank you Josh, stellar job!”

– Joshua Barker


Your family. Your asset. Your future.

At ESPY we aim to go above and beyond to insure our reports are comprehensible and clear. Our aim is for clients to truly understand the potential danger and benefits of the homes they are investing in.


Josh Allen is a Licensed Residential Inspector and after working as a home inspector in Denver, decided to return home to his Arkansas roots. He achieved success due to his commitment to integrity and always improving his knowledge in the building sciences. Josh is a building craftsmen himself with hobbies that range from learning about large scale foundational work to wood-working.

License HI# 1936

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